Ways To Protect Your Kids From Pool Accidents

Swimming is a great activity to bring the family closer to each other. Aside from being nurturing a better relationship in the family, it is also a fun way to spend the weekends and holidays, especially with the children.

Toddlers and young children are among the most common victims of accidents in the pool. Many kids, especially the young ones, are prone to accidents and injuries. Without proper childproofing and attention from adults, children may drown and sustain serious cuts and bruises because of sliding and loss of balance. Aside from requesting pool suppliers for child-friendly brands, here are other ways to beef up the security of your children in your pool:

Install a removable safety fence – This is your best line of defence from accidents from children. This is designed to isolate the pool from a home. This protection, often made of polyester mesh material supported with aluminium poles, is a way to bar small kids from entering.

Install a self-close and self-lock gate – Kids can easily open gates that are not securely locked. This feature is important especially if adults forget to lock the entryways. Just be sure that the locks can withstand rusting as well as wear and tear as they are exposed to moist.

The fence should be four to five feet in height – Toddlers and young kids can easily climb the fence. Make sure it is tall enough to prevent them from climbing over the fence. You should also make ensure that they cannot step the railings to avoid falling and any other accidents.

See to it support poles can provide enough tension – Fences are often designed with tension wires to act as a brace for support. Once the tension loosens, the fence can easily fall or create enough space to get in the pool. Hence, always check if they are stretched enough to prevent children from barging in.

Aside from adding child protection, there are brands and models of pools that can prevent injuries and other untoward incidents in children. To avoid putting the lives of kids at risk, you need to properly consult professionals in the swimming pool industry. Pool suppliers know which ones are safe for children.