Top Tips for Upholstery Cleaning

One thing you must never overlook is the task of upholstery cleaning. It’s not as easy as it looks like doing it the wrong way can result in horrible consequences. Here are a few tips to follow so you can avoid common mistakes:

  • Remove Objects

Before you start the cleaning process, you must look under the couch cushions first for any hidden objects. It’s possible there are pencils and other writing materials hidden there. If you leave them there whilst cleaning it, the couch can get damaged.

  • Test Cleaner

Whilst it’s important to follow the directions stated on the label of the cleaner, you may want to test it too. You can test it on an unnoticeable spot or an object that’s rarely used. When you test the cleaner, what you should check is any signs of discolouration and colour bleeding. If you see any signs of those things, you may want to look for another cleaner.

  • Dry Properly

Let the object dry for a considerable amount of time. Don’t put objects on it right away after you just cleaned it. To dry the object faster, you can place dry towels in the wet areas.

Don’t Oversaturate

It’s a common belief that using a lot of water will take out the dirt faster. That’s not true as using too much water can cause the metal inside to rust. Another bad effect of using too much water is it will take a long time for it to dry.

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