Tips in Maintaining Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings provide ample shade and protection from rain to any home. They provide your home with a shady portion in your home that is safe from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays. They are also available in a wide variety of colours, design, and styles. No wonder, you can see more and more homes with folding arm awnings.


What is remarkable in this awning system is its number of benefits for users, the most notable of which is its ease of use. Thanks to its metal spring or gas piston arms, you can adjust its length quickly and easily. You can even attach an electronic mechanism to make it fully automated.

Another feature of this awning system is its fabric. Most manufacturers use UV- and water-resistant acrylic or vinyl or polyester. The chemical composition and the structure of these textiles prevent accumulation of mould and dirt, making this awning system safe for people with asthma and allergies.

But it also has problems as well, most notably its maintenance. Cleaning folding arm awnings Melbourne is relatively difficult. You may need to regularly maintain this considering the city’s erratic weather. Here are the suggestions of specialists and professionals:

Check its folding arms periodically

Seasonal and weather changes make the metal folding arms prone to rust. There is also the possibility of loose screws. Experts recommend a weekly home inspection of these bars to fix these problems at once. They also suggest applying mechanical oil to the motors and joints to maintain its smooth functioning.

Regularly test the motors during the rainy season

Always check the motor’s motion during the wet and winter seasons to attend to the problems in the motor and minute parts quickly to prevent worsening the damage.

Wash the fabric

For weekly cleaning, use a watering hose to rinse on the top side of the fabric while brushing the underside with a household broom. To take off heavy dirt and stain, soak it for about 20 minutes in a solution of 1⁄2 cup bleach and 1⁄4 cup mild soap for every gallon of water with a temperature not exceeding 38 degrees. Afterwards, rinse it thoroughly in cold water.

Extending the life of folding arm awnings can be a challenge. But once you make it a habit, you can regularly enjoy immersing yourself in the city’s awesome sceneries with the protection of this awning system.