Reasons to Get Residency by Investment

Many people often dream of becoming a citizen of another country. In fact, some want to retire to a place where they can fully reap the benefits of their investments. One way they can achieve this is by residency by investment, where possible investors purchase properties so they can be a resident in the area afterwards. One place is Vanuatu, considered to be a great eco-friendly tourist destination.

For those interested to know more about this, here are some reasons why you should get onto this program:

  • Visa-Free Access

One advantage to getting this investment is that you get unlimited access to many countries around the world, including the elusive Schengen Zone in Europe. Today, the European Union has allowed Vanuatu holders to access its partner countries. On top of it, the obtained passport will allow users to go to most EU territories and places like Caribbean, Philippines, Malaysia and Bolivia amongst others. Let’s face it: this is the primary reason why many people choose to invest in other countries.

  • No Income Tax

Another great reason to enter this program is that the country doesn’t have any income tax. This means that you get to keep all of your hard-earned money. It’s also worthy to note that they don’t have capital gains taxes and estate taxes, something which investors can rejoice about.

  • Fast Turn-Around

Applying for this program will be a breeze, especially compared to other applications. With just a 30-day turn-around time, you won’t have to wait for months or even years before you can enjoy your time on the island.

  • Great Price Point

For businessmen and other investors, entering into this contract is an excellent idea. Not only is this affordable, it also gives you the chance to boost the economy at a great price point. This program also allows you to get up to five members of your family have a new passport, making it a deal you couldn’t resist.

Deciding where to get your residency by investment can be difficult. However, with Vanuatu Invest, you will certainly see the rewards and benefits in no time.