Tips From Professionals In Doing Carpet Cleaning

For your carpet cleaning needs, you can have an option of not calling the professionals all the time. You can clean it like a pro if you follow the simple tips below. In fact, if you try any of this cleaning tips you will see yourself working like an expert.

1. Never rub stains

Some think that rubbing stains hard can remove them. The truth is by doing so, you are spreading the stains more, making it harder to remove. Instead of rubbing, try blotting as it is more effective. Using a cloth dabbed with a cleaning solution then start blotting the stain outside then inwards.

2. Use shaving cream

It might be an old process but it is highly effective all the same. Shaving cream can remove almost all type of stains. Apply the cream directly on the stained area then let it set for around 30 minutes. Once set, blot it away using a white cloth. Lastly, spray the area with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water, then wipe it away using a clean cloth.

3. Removing dried gum

Stepping on a gum and then on carpets come almost usual. With this being the case, all you need to do is to run into your freezer and get an ice cube. Let the ice cube freeze the gum for around 30 seconds, then with the use of a spoon, lift the gum. You may also cut the strands of your carpet closest to the gum as cutting a small amount of carpet should not be noticeable anyway.

4. Removing wax

Using candles may let dripping of wax around your carpet surface. If this happens, get a cloth and place an iron over it so the heat will let the wax melt again. Using a butter knife, scrape off the melted wax. Once done, get a paper towel then place the iron again on top of it. As the remaining wax melts, it should bind together with the paper. Repeating the process will remove all the wax.

Again, these tips are useful if you do not have the time to do it on your own. Still, it is best if you leave the matter in the hands of Results Home Services. They can handle the process better than anyone else.