How to Make Your Yard More Dog-Friendly

Have a landscape that you and your pups will love! Here are some ideas on how to achieve that:

  • Carefully Choose the Plants

Whilst plants look good and can improve your air, you need to be careful on the type of plants that you will put in your area. Some are dangerous if dogs eat them, like lilies, mums and azaleas. Check with your veterinarian and ask the lists of plants that can also cause allergies to your pets. Moreover, pick plants with soft sturdy foliage to prevent injuries.

  • Proper Mulching

When gardening, the first thing that you need to avoid is using cocoa mulch. Whilst this may smell great, they contain theobromine, the same ingredient that chocolate has. You also need to use shredded hardwood mulch, or wood chips as even if these stick on their coats, the dogs won’t get any harm.

  • Create a Dog House

Like humans, dogs can also get sunburn and suffer from heatstroke. Luckily, you can avoid that to happen by providing readily available shade and shelter in your yard. Purchase dog house or customise and build your own. Make sure that it has enough space and not too small for your dogs.

  • Provide Access to Water

Dogs need supplies of water or else, they will get dehydrated. So, add water features like small pond or fountain in your yard. You can also have a small dog pool. Just add a sloping slide or shallow stairs so they can easily get out if they fall.

  • Add Fencing

Dogs love wondering around. That’s why it is important to install fences in your yard. This will prevent them from getting stolen and lost. Aside from potted plants, you can use retaining walls to act as a fencing for your dogs. If you want to add metal or wood fences but don’t know where to put this in your yard, contact Townsville Tree Care. They can upgrade your landscape by providing a quality fencing Townsville.