Make Concrete Drilling Easy With These Tricks

In the last few years, the construction industry has had a sharp increase in overheads and expenses, no thanks to the rising prices of specialised tools and materials. One of the areas that have received major skill overhauls is the concrete drilling part of the business, as many have conformed to easier ways to effectively do work instead of forcing everything with tools that are not designed for the job.

There are a few newer, more practical tips so that you can save time and money with drilling holes into concrete. Among these is getting the right tool for the right job. The typical issue for many concrete drilling jobs is that the needed hole for the project is not something that your average hammer drill can take care of. Some people try to bore bigger holes the old-fashioned way – doing multiple holes in the same area. With this type of job, it’s still better to simply purchase or rent a rotary hammer drill that creates bigger holes in one go.

There will also be situations where you will get stuck on a hard surface that your drill can’t get through, which may either be a rebar or a hard, stone aggregate. For any situation, you can drill through these. A rebar cutter bit is the best to puncture through a steel rebar, which will be a little expensive because of their hardness and utility. Most drill bits can puncture through aggregate, but in case of issues, you can do it the tried and tested way – by puncturing using a hammer and a masonry nail.

If you feel like you’re getting your bits damaged or burnt out quickly, reassess how you drill your holes. You might be putting too much pressure on your drill. Remember to take care and let the drill do the work for you instead. Pushing too hard takes a heavy toll on your machine.

Working with concrete drilling can be a tiring and frustrating project, but if you know how to do things right, you’ll get by. Always reassess your methods if you’re getting unnecessary hurdles because as frustration builds up, issues tend to pile up on you as well. If you know you can’t handle the task yourself, might as well call concrete drilling Sydney services.