Installation of Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted air conditioners are in demand because of its effectivity in cooling a room. This unit can be installed in the roof, ceiling, and walls. The grilles can be placed anywhere, making it easy to blend with the interior décor while giving a gentle and perfect balanced airflow in the entire room.

Where to use it?

This is probably the most versatile and the quietest of all air conditioning systems available. Perfect for open plan offices, homes, restaurants, schools, shops and almost all large spaces that need balanced distribution of air around the room. This is actually the better choice if you are looking for heating and cooling larger spaces that are not feasible to reach by wall mounted units.

Ducted air conditioners can be retro fitted, but it is best installed as component of a building project or refurbishment to ensure that there is enough space in the ceiling. It can also be placed or on top of the suspended ceiling to put up the hidden ducted unit.

Take note that there is no individual control of every grille on a ducted system. It is either “Off” or “On”. Thus, it is not recommended to cool numerous rooms where people have different preference on temperature. If you want to take advantage of the aesthetic benefit of ducted AC, installing this unit in different rooms is possible.

Large rooms

Using of four-way grill can provide balance on the overall flow of the air in four directions. Most of the time, it is placed centrally inside a room and this can reach every spot and areas in the room that need either heating or cooling.

Small rooms

Choosing almost invisible grilles that may leave discreet opening is the perfect choice for smaller rooms. They are thin, long and is flexible, that may come almost invisible to guests.

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