Why Hire Corporate Video Services?

Videos are a popular way to spread information. With millions of videos watch daily online, it’s a prime opportunity for businesses to spread awareness about their brand. Unfortunately, some business owners are still wary of hiring corporate video services. If you’re one of them, here are a few points that should change your mind.

Corporate Video Services

If you’re not doing it, your competitors are.

Corporate Video Services

More than 85% of business owners have specialised staff that handle videos. If you look at any small to medium company, they’ll have an average of 293 clips in storage, with about 18 videos released each month. Based on these data, it’s not a stretch to say that this form of media is becoming widely used in any industry.

The fact of the matter is, your competitors are using this form of media as a marketing tool. The consumer will patronise a competing business if they know more about the brand, regardless if you have a better product or service. It’s your responsibility to put your name out there. Hiring a video production company increases your competitiveness in the crowded market.

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It’s effective – simple as that.

It’s not surprising that a lot of business owners are using video content, either. Marketers report a 76% sales increase in websites that have clips on the landing page. A further 96% of them say that marketing through this form of media has increased brand awareness for their company. These are valuable outcomes that are helpful to businesses in any industry.

On the consumers’ side of things, statistics are positively consistent. 95% of people report that they learn more about a company’s products or services through videos as compared to any other type of content. 81% of them have been convinced to buy items online because they watched a company’s clip!

The numbers don’t lie: videos are effective. Don’t sell yourself short of an opportunity to grow your business. One small investment today could help you tremendously in the future. Every business should have a production company to market their brand.