The Health Benefits Of Taking A Hot Bath

Soaking in a hot bath is not only for people who’ve had a long day. This is also for those who wanted to be healthy. Here are the health benefits it can provide:

Stay in Shape

In a study conducted by the researchers of Loughborough University, they found out that people who soak in a 40-degrees Celsius tub lose calories equivalent to an hour of cycling. Moreover, the participants’ blood sugar also lowers by up to 10 percent.

Blood Pressure

If you are suffering from hypertension, taking a hot bath at least three times a week helps you lower your blood pressure. This is because the water improves the blood circulation and expand your veins and arteries helping the blood to flow easier. This is also good for the heart too.

Fall Asleep

A bath can relax you helping you to feel asleep faster. In fact, according to New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Centre, your temperature dips at nights and bottom out at When you take a hot bath, your temperature will rise and the cool down period soothes the muscles making you sleep better.

Cleaning the Skin

Whilst water alone can make us clean, you need to consider soaking in a hot tub as the warm water can open up our pores. This way the water can come in and get rid of all the dirt and toxin in our skin. This results in a cleaner and fresher look.

Reducing Headaches

If you are having a headache, get rid of this by taking a bath. The water can alleviate the pressure in the blood vessel and dilate it. With this, the oxygen can now flow through the brain curing your headache.

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