Elements of Good Pool Design

Not all of us can afford to setup a backyard swimming pool. But do you know that you can install one without hurting your bank account? Talk to best landscape designer in Perth now for an excellent landscape designer. They can make a personalised plan for you and your family. Here are the elements of a good pool design:

Appropriate design and size

For small outdoor space, you can consult us how you can make it appear big. Swimming pools are excellent additions to your home if it matches the overall look of the house. Don’t make it look out of place by placing fountains and water elements. If your house is simply built, you can just splurge on the lighting of the pool. The size should also be considered, if you’re a family of 5, make sure it perfectly suits the household.


Is the feature going to be a decorative element or use it for exercise and entertainment? Ask yourself this before talking to a landscape designer. You must weigh wants and needs of the family to come up with an appropriate feature like healing oasis, water fountains and more.

Matching details

A design that makes sense should be a priority. If your home has a signature detail like Victorian touches, you definitely need to incorporate this into the pool. It makes everything uniform so it looks luxurious and well-planned.

Touch-up lighting

The path straight to the pool should be improved. You can add lights to stairs and on the swimming pool itself to illuminate the area. It can be relaxing at night and make the experience safe for kids and adults.


Take a moment and walk in your backyard. For homeowners with limited space, you can talk to your contractor about this and get help. Those who have a wide backyard, you can just request for a design in the area you want. Of course, you can also seek advice which part of the house is okay for this feature.