Easy Bathroom Maintenance You Need to Know

Even though we don’t always lounge around the bathroom, we can still see that this area is a playground of moulds, mildew and dirt. This is possible because of the moisture that is present in the shower, tiles, toilet and sink.

If you don’t have time to perform drastic cleaning during weekends, you can just do these things to keep it fresh and clean:

Try to separate wet materials

When we say damp materials, these are shower curtains, towels, soaps and bathroom mat. Moisture is an attraction for germs and bacteria so make sure to dry things up. A simple gesture of spreading the shower curtains open after use can make a big impact. Don’t forget to hang damp towels and not putting it back to the shelf.

Open windows for ventilation

To easily dry the place, you can just open the windows or exhaust fan. This is effective if you’re going to be out for long hours and be back at night. The weird rotten smell in the bathroom is an indication that there’s bacteria build-up. Don’t wait for the mould to pop anywhere and keep the are dry and clean.

Clean grout

If you have time in the morning, you can scrub the tile grout using acrylic paint to whiten the area. Do this on the high feet traffic area like the entrance to the door and the shower. On the weekend, you can put mild chemicals overnight.

Consult expert

Nothing beats the help of a certified plumber. What you’re doing is just the surface of the problem. What happens beyond is something to focus on. Pipes drains, toilet and shower should be inspected twice a year. This is to help you fix arising problems like melting pipes and drippy toilet. There are shower repairs available too, check out shower repairs Brisbane to find out more. They provide customers with 12-years warranty and more.