How to Do Commercial Window Cleaning Like a Pro

One of the most important but also neglected chores in any commercial or industrial establishment is window cleaning. Most companies see to it that the flooring and walls of their office and buildings sparkle but rarely do they give attention to the condition of the windows.

As most buildings have centralised air conditioning and heating system, property managers often fail to notice the accumulated dirt and stains in the panes and frames of the windows. Most of them would just attend to if damages are already glaring.

If you really care for your property, you should pay attention to every part of it, no matter how small it is. Windows are one of the most obvious parts that may get damaged if they are not well taken care of. To make them sparkle again, you need to instruct your cleaners to do the following steps:

  • Prepare a window cleaning solution. Pour your desired solution into a bucket. See to it that it is wide enough for your squeegee to fit into. Dip the squeegee with the attached cleaning cloth into the bucket and let the solution seep into the cloth.
  • Using the cleaning cloth, spread the solution onto the entire window surface.
  • Remove the cleaning cloth attachment from the squeegee. Draw the squeegee from top to bottom across the window, skimming the solution that was spread and dirt from the glass.
  • Using a clean cloth, wipe the squeegee dry after each pass across the windows, hence avoiding the formation of drips and streaks
  • Run the cleaning cloth along the wet edge of the windows .
  • Wipe the window sill and soak up any leftover solution. Then, polish the sill with the fresh cloth.

For best results, you need to hire experts at window cleaning. They have a complete set of tools and chemicals to give your windows the clean-up they deserve.