5 Ways to Eliminate Dust in Your Home

Dust creates indoor air pollution resulting to an unhealthy home environment. Luckily, we can get rid of them with these tips:

Clean Your Air Filters

Cleaning and changing the air filters in your heat and air conditioning systems means of controlling dust levels in your air. This is because old air filters catch more particles and other allergens. Changing the filter also make your air conditioner to work properly reducing humidity. Dust mites love a moist environment so you can also prevent having them in your home as well.

Change Your Bedding Once a Week

Pillows and mattresses attract dust. That’s why it is important to change the sheets every week and encase your pillows with an allergen-proof cover. The same applies for your sofa cover.

Use micro fibre cloth

Instead of using your old shirt or a feather duster when cleaning, use a microfiber cloth instead. This is because the micro fibre cloth will capture them and not just move it around. Damp microfiber cloths are also excellent mirror cleaners and don’t create any streak even if you use it without cleaning solution.

Go minimal

Dust mites multiply in areas that have a lot of fixtures. So, remove items in the bedroom and bathrooms which you may not use as often, like baskets, toys, or piles of clothing.

Install Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is more hygienic than carpets. This is because they don’t attract dust and trap in unpleasant odours coming from the pets and food spills. That’s why this is perfect to install if you have asthma and lung diseases. You just need occasionally sweeping or vacuuming to keep it clean. So, purchase hardwood flooring to increase the appeal of your interior and keep it dust proof at the same time. Just make sure to buy from a trustworthy supplier like iFlooring to make the most out of your money.

Easy Bathroom Maintenance You Need to Know

Even though we don’t always lounge around the bathroom, we can still see that this area is a playground of moulds, mildew and dirt. This is possible because of the moisture that is present in the shower, tiles, toilet and sink.

If you don’t have time to perform drastic cleaning during weekends, you can just do these things to keep it fresh and clean:

Try to separate wet materials

When we say damp materials, these are shower curtains, towels, soaps and bathroom mat. Moisture is an attraction for germs and bacteria so make sure to dry things up. A simple gesture of spreading the shower curtains open after use can make a big impact. Don’t forget to hang damp towels and not putting it back to the shelf.

Open windows for ventilation

To easily dry the place, you can just open the windows or exhaust fan. This is effective if you’re going to be out for long hours and be back at night. The weird rotten smell in the bathroom is an indication that there’s bacteria build-up. Don’t wait for the mould to pop anywhere and keep the are dry and clean.

Clean grout

If you have time in the morning, you can scrub the tile grout using acrylic paint to whiten the area. Do this on the high feet traffic area like the entrance to the door and the shower. On the weekend, you can put mild chemicals overnight.

Consult expert

Nothing beats the help of a certified plumber. What you’re doing is just the surface of the problem. What happens beyond is something to focus on. Pipes drains, toilet and shower should be inspected twice a year. This is to help you fix arising problems like melting pipes and drippy toilet. There are shower repairs available too, check out shower repairs Brisbane to find out more. They provide customers with 12-years warranty and more.

Tips From Professionals In Doing Carpet Cleaning

For your carpet cleaning needs, you can have an option of not calling the professionals all the time. You can clean it like a pro if you follow the simple tips below. In fact, if you try any of this cleaning tips you will see yourself working like an expert.

1. Never rub stains

Some think that rubbing stains hard can remove them. The truth is by doing so, you are spreading the stains more, making it harder to remove. Instead of rubbing, try blotting as it is more effective. Using a cloth dabbed with a cleaning solution then start blotting the stain outside then inwards.

2. Use shaving cream

It might be an old process but it is highly effective all the same. Shaving cream can remove almost all type of stains. Apply the cream directly on the stained area then let it set for around 30 minutes. Once set, blot it away using a white cloth. Lastly, spray the area with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water, then wipe it away using a clean cloth.

3. Removing dried gum

Stepping on a gum and then on carpets come almost usual. With this being the case, all you need to do is to run into your freezer and get an ice cube. Let the ice cube freeze the gum for around 30 seconds, then with the use of a spoon, lift the gum. You may also cut the strands of your carpet closest to the gum as cutting a small amount of carpet should not be noticeable anyway.

4. Removing wax

Using candles may let dripping of wax around your carpet surface. If this happens, get a cloth and place an iron over it so the heat will let the wax melt again. Using a butter knife, scrape off the melted wax. Once done, get a paper towel then place the iron again on top of it. As the remaining wax melts, it should bind together with the paper. Repeating the process will remove all the wax.

Again, these tips are useful if you do not have the time to do it on your own. Still, it is best if you leave the matter in the hands of Results Home Services. They can handle the process better than anyone else.

Reason Why Your Bathroom Needs An Exhaust Fan

So you’re finally building the house of your dreams and you want to make everything perfect, splurging on appliances, interiors and furniture. Upon checking in the bathroom, you suddenly wonder if you really need to install an exhaust fan in the upper corner. Electrician Caloundra says, don’t hesitate and get one because it will benefit you in the future. Here’s the reason why:

Humidity control

If you’re planning to setup your hair blow dryer in the bathroom, you can easily do this with the help of a bathroom vent fan. Humidity is important to drive air inside the room and not feel suffocated. In case you’re locked from the inside, you can survive thanks to this fan.

Get rid of smell

Admit it or not, the waste we dump in a daily basis isn’t a lovely smell, especially for the next bathroom user. This will be a bad situation if you’re hosting a party in your home with a lot of visitors. Make them feel comfortable by installing a vent fan. Using this technology, the smell can be eradicated in minutes, making the room fresh for use. You can inquire to an electrician how you can install one. Contact Devine Constructions and Electrical to find out more.

Mould prevention

Moulds can form anywhere with bacteria build-up. Often, this indicates that there’s a leak in the house. You can see them forming in the areas with moisture like the back of the sink and cabinets. So what about moulds? What can happen if they form in your house? Well, for one, they can weaken the structure of wood and concrete. When this happens, you need to replace materials to ensure a safe environment. With vent fan, you can assure moulds cannot easily form inside the bathroom as it keeps the place air dry. No need to worry about all the expenses, just get this product and you’re good to go.

How To Beef Up Security In Your Garage?

As the place where you park your vehicles, the garage is a favourite spot of burglars. Here are some measures to prevent these criminals from breaking in your home:

Install security system – With the dangers of burglars and other criminal activities that are prominent nowadays, you need to enhance the security on every entry point of your house. Criminals expect that your important things to be stored in your garage, which include, of course, your car. So, this is one area in your house that are favourite of criminals. Set up a CCTV camera, security alarm and other devices that act as your first lines of defense.

Install quality roller door – Most modern roller doors are equipped with security features such as durable alloys. Also, make sure you attach garage door motors to make it automated. This functionality allows you to close the door from far away. You can also set them up to automatically close the door, making sure that it touches the ground firmly.

Upgrade to motion detector lights – Use motion detectors enables you to ‘see’ people even in complete darkness. They use infrared waves to detect heat and the motion of these things that emit temperature. This feature allows these machines to sense moving people, animals, and even cars. What’s more, they only function when they detect motion.

Secure the garage door – Beef up the security features of your door. One way is by installing garage door motors that can control its opening and closing using remote controller. Another method is by putting up more locks.

Don’t leave your garage remote in the car – Expert burglars are very keen on your movements. Don’t give them the chance of entering your house by leaving behind keys and remote controller of garage door motors inside your car. They can easily open the doors of your vehicles.

Use timers – Leaving your home hastily can leave your garage door open. Even a small opening can give way for burglars to get in your home. By installing timers, you’ll be sure that the doors are closed within a certain timespan.

As you go outside anytime, you don`t need to worry if you`ll not comeback early. By the help of garage door motors Brisbane your house will be secure using their quality products.

Your Sewer Drains Might Be Blocked

Blocked sewer drains bring unnecessary discomfort. In most cases, this problem arises when the sewers get clogged or damaged. The worst is, if you are not keen, you may never notice until one day hell breaks loose and the stench that comes out is driving you crazy.

That’s why you need to be conversant with the operation of your sewer system so that you know what to do in case of damages or clogging. In doing so, you will avoid the huge costs that blocked sewer drains bring about.

It is easy to spot problems with your sewer drains because you use bathtubs, sink and toilets every day. This clogging begins slowly and with time, it gets completely blocked. Sometimes, when using your sink or toilet, the water overflows. This is a clear sign of blocked sewer drains and an indication that you must consult a plumber to address the issue at hand.

For savvy homeowners, clogged drainage system signs are easy to read. For example, when you hear gurgling sounds immediately after flushing a toilet, bear in mind that your drainage system is problematic. The cause of such a problem might be tree roots. Tree roots are the common cause usual suspects when it comes of blocked sewer drains. It is advisable to clear trees near your sewer systems.

Older sewers, especially those made of clay or concrete, allow roots to grow through the pipe joints. Trees roots get their way inside the pipes as they try to get moisture. Once they are inside, they will expand and begin preventing materials e.g. used toilet papers from passing through.

If you start realising that the clogging is frequent, it means you have blocked drains. The problem might have intensified with time. Clogged sewers don’t hide. In fact, they provide you with unmistakable evidence.

Your kitchen sink will drain slowly or constantly block. The drainage rate will start decreasing before it finally blocks. When you get indications of such scenarios, seek the help of a plumber immediately before it worsens.

Benefits Of Gas Ovens Over Electric Ovens

Are you having a hard time deciding whether to buy a gas oven or an electric oven? In commercial environments, gas ovens have long been used over electric ovens. Due to its many benefits, it’s also becoming a popular choice in the household setting. Here are its advantages over its counterpart:

1) Better Cooking Control

You’ll have complete control with the on-off button of the oven. When you turn the oven off, the cooking stops in an instant. The same can’t be said for an electric oven as you need to wait for it to cool down before you can turn it off. There’s also a big possibility you’ll get the results you want with natural gas. It’s been known to cook food more evenly than electricity.

2) Lower Costs

If you like to bake, a gas oven would make more sense in terms of costs. You’ll see higher costs on your electricity bill when you choose the electric counterpart. Everyone knows the electric bill is the most expensive house bill. Therefore, if you can do anything to lower it down, then you must.

3) Outstanding Durability

One of the reasons why people invest in gas ovens is because it has a longer lifespan than electric ovens. When a power shutdown happens, it can affect some parts of the electric oven. For gas ovens, you’ve made a long-term investment once everything is set up.

After deciding to invest in gas ovens, you must not try and install these items yourself. It can get dangerous especially for those who didn’t read the instructions. It would be better to let an experienced plumber install the appliance. A plumber has undergone extensive training so he certainly knows how to install it the right way.

After years of using the appliance, there will come a point when something goes wrong with it. This is another situation when you shouldn’t try and fix it yourself as nothing is going to happen. The next best thing to do would be to call a licensed plumber. They have the needed experience to make short work of this task.

Features You Want to Have In Your Security Cameras

Home security cameras are important installations in a world that is facing criminal and terrorist threats. To boost the safety of your homes, you need to see that the model you install has the following features:

Motion sensor – Not all events should be captured and recorded, especially upon knowing that your storage size is only limited. Even if you have unlimited storage space, finding the exact criminal event will take time if the camera is recording 24/7. To be efficient, your home security cameras should be equipped with motion sensors for it to turn on and record only when there are suspicious events.


Two-way audio – Sometimes the best way to prevent a crime is to warn them verbally that law enforcers are on their way. You can do this by installing a two-way audio feature. Aside from recording the actual break-in, home security cameras equipped with this feature allow you to shout, warn and even talk to the burglars.

Field of view – Home security cameras with limited angle often show just a narrow view of the event. Wide-angle lenses can cover a broader area, but the videos captured are often lower in detail. These cameras are often stationary and its video appears to be further away from the subject. So, whilst this type can cover a wider area, the video quality is poorer than the types with a narrower field of view.

Clear video quality – High-resolution cameras can capture better videos that will allow you to identify the suspects much better than ordinary models. Top-grade models can capture videos with 720p to 1080p resolution, which are HD videos. But there’s a catch, to record or stream HD videos, you need a faster Internet connection that can handle the file transfer.

Battery-powered – Whilst most cameras are powered by electricity from the standard outlet, you may need to install models that are battery powered in areas that cannot be reached by extension cords. You can also ask for battery-powered models to ensure that they function even during power outage. Just make sure they are regularly charged.

Low-light or infrared mode – You need to make sure that your home security camera can ‘see’ in the dark. Cameras with infrared sensors allow you to capture events in low light or even in pitch darkness.

Most Conventional Culprits Of Roof Leaks

We cannot stress enough the importance of roofing, but one thing is for sure: it is the most important part of any property. Just one look and you will understand right away. If you give this a deep thought, the fact that the roofing is in that position makes it the most important.

It must be firm and durable so that it can do its function, which is to protect everything under it. This is also the reason why during the construction, it is the first part that will be built. This way, the other areas will be protected in case there a harsh weather occurs. However, like anything else in this world, your roofing, no matter how durable at the start, it will start to deteriorate over time.

If you don’t check your roofing in a regularly, you can just feel that it is already leaking and that would really bring a great problem. What are the usual reasons why roof leaks?

1. Age

As mentioned, everything in this world has its own lifespan. Even if maintained properly, they will still become problematic in time. With proper maintenance, you can reach the lifespan of the materials and even longer at that. Therefore, it is important that you have your roofing professionally maintained if you want to enjoy it longer.

2. Vents

This is also another area that must be checked as this should be free from gaps and cracks. The vents on must be completely sealed. This is not something an ordinary layman can do though, so it is advisable to hire roofing restoration Newcastle NSW. They`ll take care of any required maintenance to fix problems.

3. Moisture

It is important that you extend the down-spout of the gutter to the next or maybe directly to the ground as if the water is drained directly to the lower roof. This can generate over saturation and cause leaks over the years.

4. Debris

It is important to always clear your roofing with debris as these can clog the water and instead, through capillary action, can seep in. If there are trees over your roof, it would be best to trim them as their leaves can end up on your roof.

5. Missing Shingles

There will be times when shingles will be ripped by intense winds. Therefore, it is best to always check your roofing, especially after a strong wind to ensure that everything is still intact and there are still no leaks.

The roofing is the house’s shield. When you use something as a shield, it should be durable and can withstand the hazards that will come its way. If you want your roof to provide its function, then you should maintain it as it should. For top-notch roof cleaning, contact the professionals today.

Importance Of Bathroom Renovations

Is it really necessary to renovate your bathroom even if doesn’t have any issues? Well, if you don’t want to experience inconvenience like having drippy toilets, you can avail at Bathroom Renovations Sunshine Coast at an affordable price. They also using best granites, quartz, and polymer technology to create a brilliantly stone surface. Doing this can also increase the value of your home.

For hygiene purposes

Our bathroom is one part of the home that keeps on getting used. We use bathtubs and sinks regularly as much as we use our toilet. Cleaning might keep it clean but still, such regular use can lead to accumulation of bacteria and germs that only regular renovation and replacement of sink, toilet, and bathtubs can stop.

Renovations can be expensive and it can be a real challenge to do it from time to time (say every three or five years). However, if you will think of the possible health conditions that you can avoid by keeping your bathroom clean, the long term effect actually outweighs price you have to pay. Besides, doesn’t it feel good to take a bath in a great looking bathroom all the time?

Take advantage of the new technology

Bathroom products and interior kept on changing and improving. From regular toilet bowls that need to be flushed regularly to something that flushes via a sensor, who wouldn’t want to have such great amenities at home, right? In addition, who wouldn’t want to soak and spend an hour of a hot bath with a hot/cold shower?

As time goes by, a lot of innovations has been introduced and that includes technology that makes bathroom use more enjoyable and comfortable. Designs and styles have changed as well hence if you want to live like a king even inside your restroom, opt for regular renovations.

Increased value of your home

A well-maintained, up to date restroom definitely increases a home’s sale value. If something made you move out abruptly, there’s a big chance that you can get whatever amount you spent for your bathroom renovation. In addition, it will make your home easier to sell.