Unique Features of Watercoolers at Home

Drinking the purest water at home has its benefits. One, your family can avoid deadly bacteria that causes severe diseases in blood and stomach. Two, it relaxes you and can reduce the stress you experience daily. There are a number of watercoolers available in the market today but only one name stands out and that is Water Cooler Superstore.

If you’re tired of refilling the bottled waters in the refrigerator, you can purchase the said dispenser for easy access to a cold or warm drink. It’s perfect for the office and residential properties. Here are the unique features of this unit:

Purity of liquid

The watercoolers purify the liquid, making it taste better compared to the regular supplies. You can easily tell which is better because of the visible clear liquid. Drinking this water daily can be a source of energy, revitalise the body and promote a healthy living. We can guarantee:

  • Microorganism-free liquid
  • Free from contaminants
  • Absolutely no chlorine

Loyal customers can take pride in our product because it gives value to their money. Their family is safe and free from any kind of diseases and infection.

Qualified units

All the products have been approved for safety standards in Australia. This means, all the watercoolers that we offer are of excellent quality and doesn’t have defects. You can have a peace of mind that you purchase a heavy-duty appliance that can last for a long time. Some of the built-in features include:

  • Reverse Osmosis- removes invisible contaminants in the water to prevent Salmonella, Hepatitis A, and E. coli.
  • High-performance filters- no need to boil the water before you drink it because the built-in filters already wipe out bacteria and debris.


Drinking water shouldn’t be complicated. You just need to get a glass and use the coolers that we offer. These works like magic because it produces the purest liquid ever. You don’t need to purchase a separate appliance just to boil the water for coffee making.

Visit our website today and browse through the collections of coolers.

Tips to Prevent Muscle Strain At The Office

Being an employee, you spend a huge part of your day at the office. The position and posture of your body should then be comfortable to make sure you finish quality work without injuries and other health concerns. Sometimes the injuries result from inappropriate body posture in relation to your workstation and other office furniture. To avoid muscle stress  and other muscular problems, make sure to take note of the following:

Arm support

The weight of your hands must be rested at all times. If not, then your neck and shoulder muscles will carry the burden and will get tired after work.

Head support

Ideally, your neck should support your head. As such your head should not tilt forward or backwards. Neck pain is a common problem for office workers.

Stomach in, chest out

Slouching puts pressure on the discs of your spine. Use your chair’s lumbar support to avoid sitting in an awkward position that can strain your muscles. An ergonomic chair and office furniture can secure the right position needed for your relief.

The monitor must be placed in front of you

To avoid eye strain you need to place your PC monitor directly in front of you. Also, make sure to have adequate distance between your eye and your monitor.

Feet placed firmly on the ground when you are seated

Dangling feet can lead to muscle strain on your legs. Make sure your feet reaches the floor. If not, you may use a footrest.

The things and equipment in your office can largely affect your productivity and health. Aside from quality, you must also make sure they are ergonomically designed to prevent accidents and other injuries. Superb Office Furniture has a wide range of products that assures its customers of a comfortable work. The company supplies all of your office furniture and fixtures, from chairs workstations to portable acoustic screens. It also makes sure that all of these are ergonomically designed to boost the productivity and well-being of our customers. In addition, the company provides free shipping and assembly for orders worth $3,000 in total.

Superb Office Furniture have an extensive catalogue of commercial products contact us and have a comfortable furniture for your office and employees.

Why Self Diagnosis Should Never Cross Your Mind

The internet is a source for lots of information. But when it comes to our health, we must not rely on a quick search. Though convenient, this doesn’t mean it’s true and accurate. Aside from that, this could also bring extent danger on your part. To know why you shouldn’t consult with Dr.Google, we listed down some reasons below.

Wrong Treatment

When you have an injury or you are dealing with a cold, don’t look for treatment online. Remember that not all you read is true or accurate. You may think that its just flu, but it could be something else. If you follow the medication that’s written online without even checking if it’s safe or the right treatment, then your condition could get worse.

Confusing Everything

One of the greatest danger self-diagnosis could bring is be confused with a lot of information. Don’t listen to anyone unless he’s the specialist. Loading yourself with too much data could misdirect you to the certain treatment that you need.

Emotional Stress

Self-diagnosis could lead to fear, stress and more suffering. For example, a friend was diagnosed with cancer, and she is experiencing headache, muscle strain and blurred vision. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you’ll be thinking that you also have the same disease. Don’t assume something based on what other people are having, these will bring you emotional stress and worries.

Wasting Money

Looking for treatment and medicine online will cost you more than you’ve expected. It will be just a waste of money when the doctor says that’s not the proper medicine for you.

Proper procedures and tests need to be done to get your real health condition. If you are feeling something, go to a trusted hospital immediately. Merridown Family Surgery takes a holistic view to cure and suggests the proper treatments for your ailment. Call and book an appointment to the best doctors on the Gold Coast.

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