Will Your Gardeners Choose Concrete or Brick Pavers?

A lot of gardeners are having difficulty improving the look of their yards by selecting between paving stones that are made out of concrete or brick. What is the difference between them?

“Pavers” are flat, thin stones which are made for paving projects like driveways, patios and walkways. Both are installed in a similar manner, and they are durable enough to last for years.

Choosing between the two will be mostly dependent on your preferences, but the following tips will help you during the decision-making process:

What are concrete pavers?

These stones are formed out of aggregate and cement which is emptied into forms, crushed and dried by air. These can be shaped into many sizes and forms while being pigmented within a huge range of colours.

The gardeners will be happy to know that concrete pavers cost less than brick since the raw materials which are needed to create them are cheap. In a design standpoint, concrete provides more colour options than brick. New and improved pavers are being invented on a regular basis, so homeowners can most likely discover an option that they will like.

Finally, concrete pavers are easier to install since they have a uniform design so that they are easier to trim. This is why people who are working on DIY projects prefer this type of paving stones.

What are brick pavers?

This material is constructed out of clay which is shaped and dried via baking inside a kiln (this process is similar to how clay posts are formed). Homeowners are advised to take care when purchasing pavers, because the term “brick” may describe the form of the stone instead of the material. This is why some “concrete bricks” are not actually made out of concrete.

The good news for the gardeners is that bricks may crack or chip as time passes, but they will last for decades. Whilst bricks may react to stress from moisture, traffic or ice, the surfaces of concrete pavers have a tendency to deteriorate faster as time passes. You can always consult gardeners Perth if you need help in choosing what material to use.

What To Do In Backyard Landscaping

You can turn your backyard into a lot of things like a playground for kids or a pool area. Therefore, you must keep the purpose in mind when you landscape. You should also consider other factors like the local climate conditions. Be guided by reading these do’s and don’ts of backyard landscaping:

Do plan for little maintenance. If you’re a busy person, you wouldn’t want plants that require care each day. You’ll end up forgetting to water them so it would be better to invest in plants that don’t require much attention.

Don’t let weeds grow. If you’re trying to build a garden in your backyard, it would be wise to never let weeds grow. They’ll cause problems as they’ll ruin the overall looks of the yard. Since children enjoy picking on them, you should make it a priority to keep your kids far from them as possible.

Don’t plant trees close to your home. If you do, there’s a possibility they’ll cause damage to your roof when they grow. Trees should always be at least 20 feet away from your home.

Do hire landscape architects. Not only are they familiar with your local weather conditions, they’re experts when it comes to the design. If you do it yourself, you’ll find out it’s a time-consuming process. On the other hand, you’ll save a lot of time when you assign the task to landscape architects South East Queensland. You’ll ensure the outcome will be nothing short of magnificent. You may spend a little extra money for them but it’s worth it.

When you need landscape architects, hire Form Landscape Architects. They have an experienced team of well-trained professionals committed to giving you innovative designs. They’ll work with you until you come up with a design you’re satisfied with. To know more about their services, give them a call. They’d love to sit down with you to discuss your next project.

Boost Curb Appeal Through Landscaping

A well-maintained landscape has numerous benefits. Aside from impressing the whole neighbourhood, you can also gain value through the years. If you’re planning to resell your home in the future, this area is what you need to invest in, aside from security features. Here’s a guide how you can get started with landscaping:

What to plant

It’s easy to purchase plants and flowers but when it comes to organisation, you might get in trouble. Experts say you should choose a family of flowers in your garden to prevent contrast of elements. You plant more if you have bigger space in the yard. Some can be hanged while others can stay in a pot. Number one tip is to not overdo planting. Take it easy and arrange according to species. You can find inspiration on the Internet to make the process easy.

Watch out for lawn edges

The purpose of landscaping is to make the area look neat and organised. If you don’t know how to trim grass and improve lawn edges, get help from landscaping experts of Brisbane. These people can propose a design suitable for the size of your home. No need to do everything on your own as they can also take care of the clearing operations and planting.


Investing in a landscaping service means you’re going for a long-term improvement. Of course, you can’t avail the service any time you want because that’s not practical. Maintenance is the key to sustain quality for years. Ask advice from experts in trimming grass and organising flowers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Overdoing is different from an experiment. When you try to be creative, you discover things that are actually helpful like repurposing household items to serve as alternative materials. Research online to learn more about tips and maintenance procedures you can do.

Contact Blue Tongue to transform the yard into a well-maintained landscape. You can visit their website to ask for a quote.

How To Choose A Garden Nursery

Are you planning to buy plants? If so, your first option should be buying them from a garden nursery. There are many garden nurseries around Australia, but where should you go to buy a different plant species? Might as well take into consideration the information below. The following details can help you assess where to buy plants.

1. Fair Price

Of course, what you want is to get the most out of your money’s worth. Getting cheap and affordable plants are ideal because, for one, this allows you to buy more products. Secondly, it leaves you with enough money to buy anything else you need as you grow your plants. Lastly, it allows you to save more.

Check the price list that one garden nursery offers to another and see which one of them can offer you the best rates. On the other hand, you also need to check the freebies they may offer. It may be a free delivery, free pots etc. These freebies can give you savings as well.

2. Variety

What you want is the widest possible selections of plants. You do not want to settle with just a few or limited selections, especially if you want to see your garden with different items. There is a wide range of options, so getting the most out of the options is a must.

If you are not satisfied with seeing selections from just one garden nursery, you are free to buy other plants you want from another nursery. Still, it is highly recommended that you stick with just one shop for all your garden needs.

3. Garden Nursery Visit

When you buy plants, what you want to see is where they are grown. Having the opportunity of visiting the nursery before making a purchase would be ideal. Seeing healthy plants is a sign that you are buying a plant that is equally healthy, giving you higher chances of being successful in your venture. Visit garden nursery Gold Coast now!

The Many Uses Of Wood Chips

We can get various things from trees. Apart from its fruits and leaves, its trunk and bark can be used in countless beneficial ways. The bits you get from wood chipping are among mother nature’s gift that you with can get from trees. Here are some of its uses:

Mulching – Mulching using wood chips is a great gardening process for growing healthy plants, especially in improving the soil. Spreading wood bits on top of the soil can help your plants keep water and stay warm. It also prevents the growth and spread of weeds. Moreover, wood bits provide excellent aesthetic ornaments for any garden.

For gardening purposes – Bits from wood chipping are great materials for improving your garden. You can put them on top of the borders of your garden to prevent the growth of weeds. You can also use them to cover the soil in pots of some plants. Adding wooden chips encourage plants to grow. They can also nourish and provide air to the soil.

Composting material – Tiny pieces of a tree are a great element for composting. It contains a huge amount of carbon, which the nourishes the soil. In fact, doctors promote using this material for enriching the plants with minerals.

Fuel – Humans have been using wood as fuel since our earliest ancestors. Wood chipping allows them to come up with a material that can easily be ignited and whose flame can last long. The chips are also perfect for biomass reactors.

Pathways – Wood chips spread on walkways are great for the aesthetics in any garden. Aside from preventing the growth of weeds, you can also use them as a barrier to control soil erosion, especially during heavy rains.

Play area surface – They can act as a surface layer and as a cushion to protect children accidents and injuries while playing. But make sure to check them from time to time to make sure of its good condition.

Wood chipping can produce materials that can give many benefits to both plants and people. So if you have unwanted trees in your area, you can hire tree loppers and removers to cut them down and use the trunk for many purposes. One of the experienced tree services companies to call on is wood chipping Sunshine Coast.

Why Tree Cutting Is Being Performed?

You might be asking why tree cutting is being performed or why this job is seriously being done by people. For your benefit, below are the reasons why this activity is being done and may be highly recommended for others to do on a regular basis.

For commercial reasons

For companies or businesses that are into the industry of manufacturing furniture, they are to cut trees for the purpose of providing their customers with a highly qualified furniture made of wood. It can be for tables, chairs or anything of the like, that are made of high-grade woods.

Tree cutting is also for the purpose of wood flooring, these can be bamboos, pecans, mahogany, pines etc. You surely see wood floorings may it be residential or commercial areas.

Papers, yes, papers also came from trees, thus manufacturers cut trees to ensure that papers are available for people to use. This being said, it is high time that you try to be as friendly as possible with nature, start working on it by recycling papers.

Trees sometimes are needed to be cut off, to make way for any industry, buildings, establishments, highways, farms etc. The restaurant where you are eating every Mondays can be a place full of trees but deforestation occurs to give you a better place to dine.

For safety and security

Sure tree growth can be harmful especially if they grew to a place where lightning strikes often or area where electrical wiring or cords are installed. You do not want to put yourself, your family or any of your loved ones or neighbors life in danger, thus better have it cut.

You can remove trees completely or you can just trim the stems and branches, but nevertheless, your goal should be securing the place where it grows or growing.

For cleanliness purposes

Some may just decide on cutting the trees as they are having a hard time cleaning leaves or fruits that fell on the ground, it may not be too wise of an idea though having it cut instead of cleaning their backyards, but you definitely have no idea how hectic or tight their schedules might be, thus leading them to cut the trees off.

Looking for someone to do tree cutting? Contact the reliable tree cutting services Perth now!

Advantages of Getting Body Corporate Gardening Services

Do you need help for your corporate gardening services, like

• Mowing and lawn edging
• Bush or shrubs trimming
• Keeping your trees well groomed
• Keeping your garden free from any dead leaves or branches
• Control of weed growth
• Fertilising your garden beds to ensure they will grow healthy
• Minor or simple landscaping works
• Treatment of your ponds and other water features like fountains, swimming pools etc
• Changing of your garden light bulbs
• Removal of rubbish
• Repainting on walls, roofs etc.
• Adjustment or repair of door handles and to include closing mechanisms

And a lot more job that is within your garden. You may find it tiring to read all these responsibilities and legwork on your garden, what more doing them one by one. The good news is, there are companies providing these services to help you do all those dirty and tedious jobs.

Why avail body corporate gardening services?

The answer is obvious, but just to remind you, below are the reasons why it is best to get body corporate gardening services Brisbane than not.

Highly convenient

With the help of professional service provider, you surely need not do anything to keep the cleanliness and grooming of your garden plants. Leave it to the experts!

Actually, one of the most tedious and physically required job in the household or even commercial places is maintaining the garden. Sure, you are not willing to do it all yourself, but through them, you need just need to sit back and relax. Just set your expectations with their staffs and watch them finish it.

They are all professionals

Companies providing these services will never dispatch untrained employees, they will make sure that their staff will offer their clients nothing but satisfaction. Working with experts will give you an assurance of a great looking garden that you are looking forward to see.

You can spend your vacant or free time with other important purpose

Grooming the entire garden even if it is just small is definitely time consuming. You would never want to spend all your time doing these activities and leaving none for your personal leisure and family time. Getting help from companies providing body corporate gardening services will let you do other important things.