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First Home Buyer Grant Qualification Checklist

Admin We know that a house is a huge investment. For many people, having enough budget and coming up with a down payment is difficult. If you wanted to have your first property but been worrying because of the cost, you can take advantage of the first home [...]

Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Ready to Commit on House Loans

Admin The biggest question as a homebuyer is not about which property to choose but if you’re ready to commit in the major debt of your life: housing loan. If you’re still single, this not a problem as you can resell the property in the future. In fact [...]

Helping You Find The Right Loan

Admin Navigating the banks to find the right loan can be daunting and time-consuming, especially for first-time home buyers. Without an expert’s advice, you might have a hard time settling for a loan package. Worse, you might end up signing up for the wr [...]