First Home Buyer Grant Qualification Checklist

We know that a house is a huge investment. For many people, having enough budget and coming up with a down payment is difficult. If you wanted to have your first property but been worrying because of the cost, you can take advantage of the first home buyer grant program. However, before you enjoy this, you need to qualify first.

  • You Must be an Australian Citizen

If you were born in Australia, your birth certificate can be used to prove that you are a citizen of this country. However, if you were not born in Australia and just became a citizen through immigration, you can still be eligible only if you have a Certificate of Citizenship or an Australian passport. That’s why it is important that before you apply, you must already have the documents with you. Normally, the documents can be processed within one week.  Still, apply early for additional delays.

  • Buying Your First Home

While it’s a no-brainer, you need to be a first-time buyer. If your spouse has previously owned a property, you may not be qualified for the program. It is also important that you are buying your home as a person and not as a trust or a company. The property must be designed for residential and not for commercial use.

  • Over 18 Years Old

Students can apply for this program, only if they are above the age limit which is 18 years old. However, if you’re a trustee for a person with a disability, the Commissioner can approve your request.

Now that you’ve known that are you qualified for the grant, it’s now time to hire brokers and seek help for the process. These people will help you with the application, making sure that you will get the Perth first home buyer grant. The best firm to hire is Opal Finance Australia.

Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Ready to Commit on House Loans

The biggest question as a homebuyer is not about which property to choose but if you’re ready to commit in the major debt of your life: housing loan. If you’re still single, this not a problem as you can resell the property in the future. In fact, this is a great investment you can use for a retirement fund.

But before any of that, here are some questions to help you decide whether it’s time to get it or not:

Do you have a stable job?

This is something you need to consider as income is one of the biggest factors when you apply for loans. If you already have a position in a company, that’s your advantage to easily get approved. But take note that your records are still the basis of the lender’s decision. The statement for a monthly income is just a backup for them to know you can pay for the money.

Do you invest?

Always remember that the bigger the cash upfront or down payment, the less money you’ll have to borrow. That’s why it is also important to find an avenue where you can get extra cash. Invest your money in different technology or even stock market. Don’t just wait for your pay check and work your way to financial stability.

How do you manage your finances?

The bank will grant you the loan after tracking your financial records. This will show how you spend your money. Hence, a year before you apply for the loan, you should be careful with what you purchase and how you spend your money. It’s better to keep on depositing the amount in your account so you have savings.

Getting loans doesn’t end up well for some people as payment scheme can be difficult. If you want flexible terms and you need to consult home loan brokers. Contact the best home loan brokers today and get started with the process.

Helping You Find The Right Loan

Navigating the banks to find the right loan can be daunting and time-consuming, especially for first-time home buyers. Without an expert’s advice, you might have a hard time settling for a loan package. Worse, you might end up signing up for the wrong deal.

Save yourself from the stress and hassle of it all. With the help of Home Buyers Finance, the mortgage service that you need for your individual or business interest is within your reach. We are your single point of contact for the following types of loan:

• Home
• Investment Property
• Self-Employed
• Business
• Car
• Review and Refinance

You’re in Good Hands

When not properly informed, first-time home buyers often fall for offers that are too good to be true. Others take advantage of their lack of knowledge, leaving them to land a deal that does not suit their requirements.

At our company, we take things seriously. Most of our clients save a considerable amount of money because we take every effort to help them find the right deal. We bring our experience and expertise to the table to ensure that your experience with us is always a pleasure.

Your Financial Goals, Achieved

The professional mortgage brokers at our company understand that these services aren’t a one-size-fits-all. Each client has a unique goal and objective, so we take into account every detail that is necessary to find the right loan.

Your budget, dreams, and timeframe – these are just some of the factors that Melbourne mortgage comparison consider. When you come to us, we will offer different options that match your specifications. Although we offer expert advice in every situation, rest assured that you will always have the last word.

Explore Your Options

Unlike what others want you to believe, there is a myriad of opportunities out there waiting for you. Whatever your circumstance and budget, we’re sure Home Buyers Finance can search for the perfect mortgage for you.

Once you call us, our brokers will ask about your goals and discuss your concerns with you. You may also check out our website to make use of our free calculators and gauge your borrowing capacity, stamp duty and much more.

You may also use our e-books, fact sheets, and data reports, among others. Best of all, these tools are free of charge. Once you’re done utilising our tools, get in touch with us to take things to the next level.