Interior Design Courses in Australia

Those who aspire to become interior designers need to finish a course before they start working as professionals. They are working on different expertise and field of specialisation. If you want to pursue this career, you should start by choosing interior design courses available.

There are many courses offered by different colleges and universities, and below are few of the courses you can consider:

  • (Commercial) Bachelor of Interior Design

This will provide you with the creativity and skills to adapt and respond to the changing drivers of the commercial environment like in hotels, bars, workspaces, retail stores and exhibitions, nightclubs, restaurants and also the design of online virtual environments.

You will be engaged both with the practical and theoretical elements of commercial interiors – lighting, sustainability, materiality and branding. You would know how interior design in a commercial environment are assessed and developed and how to make commercial interiors effectively engage an audience. Through contract management, documentation, cross-disciplinary interaction and professional design practice, you can grasp everything you need to know with regards to the course.

You may or may not be given the opportunity to relate theory to practice by making different commercial interior design solutions meant for real clients.

The strong focus of this course is to provide students with valuable skills to produce state-of-the-art interiors for commercial use. Digital technology, on the other hand, is not only limited to engage you with contemporary theory but as well as to let you learn how to communicate information necessary to costing, evaluating, designing and constructing interiors by industry standard software.

  • (Residential) Bachelor of Interior Design

This is applicable to designers who have the creativity and skills to adapt and respond to the challenges of sustainable design for residential for high-rise living, adaptive and multipurpose reuse environments, mobile and 21st-century housing.

Throughout the interior design course, you will respond and explore to contemporary problems considering homelessness, an ageing population, definitions of family and gender roles. The learning can be collected almost the same as the commercial only in different situations and requirements.

There are other interior design courses available for you to choose from, and choosing may be dependent on the field that interests you the most. Check out interior design courses Gold Coast for more details!