Digital Printing Ideas Perfect for Your Business

Investing for a new business is just like giving birth to a new identity, you need to introduce yourself well in order to get noticed. At the beginning, this must be hard especially if you have bigger competitors, but with proper marketing and digital printing ideas the more your business stands out and be recognisable to your target audience. Here’s how.


Once you’ve established your products and the location of your business, the next step is making a name in the industry that you belong. In order to do that, you must put marketing strategy and one of this is by consulting digital printing  Gold Coast services that can offer you creative designs. Flyers are very useful to spread the news around your company.

If you have a grand opening for the next day to come, those papers will make a long way. We are pretty aware that some of them may just land on garbage bins. Some people just throw those without even looking at it. Why? It didn’t catch their attention. Colours, Patterns, and Shapes with the catchy scheme are the ingredients to make those papers stunning.

Business Cards

Business cards are not just about giving your information; it’s also a way to show your personality. Classic plain businesses cards are now outdated as there are numerous digital printing ideas that you can choose from. If you have subtle but creative cards, then the more they are to notice you and give you a call. Some of the most creative versions are pop up cards, cards using transparency or graphic of their profession. If you have a noticeable card, potential investments may enter your company or business.

Logo Designs

Let’s say that you’re in the middle of the street and you’re hungry, one restaurant has a good logo design and the other has none. I’m pretty sure that the one that catches your interest is the first place that you’ll visit. Logo designs are not just for the aesthetic of your office, but it’s for your target clients. It should attract the attention of the people and should have an attractive mark.

For the last years, we have witnessed the huge advancement in technology, whether in business, science or economy. In venturing into a business or a company, names are important so as the way to introduce it. The more memorable the better, as it leaves a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. Refresh those designs now and get the better choice.

Safety Guide Every Construction Sites Must Ensure

We all know how dangerous and hazardous construction sites can get. Without proper management, several lives might be put to danger. There are wide varieties of signage out there, but if you are looking for a cheaper but effective way to impose your message, then Corflute signs are on the top of the list. At Real State Flag and Banners we pride ourselves on the quality of product that we provide. Increase your safety awareness as we discuss the tips every construction site need to have.

Mandatory Signs

While signage acts as an effective tool for advertisement, it also plays a big role in safety measures. In a construction site, signs imposed specific action that you need to follow. It will help visitors and workers to have knowledge if the area is dangerous or not. These signs mostly remind workers to wear their proper uniforms, headgear and vest.

Warning Signs

One of the most common signs that we see in the area is warning signs. Mostly, it is all about high voltage, danger, falling asbestos and many things. It is very vital to put signage that is weather resistant and durable as it can save lives. Corflute signs can elevate how you spread awareness in your company rain or shine.

Prohibition Signs

Different banner is everywhere because it has a purpose. If you have a visitor, the prohibition signage will remind them that you can’t enter in a specific area, you can’t smoke and you can’t bring children on the site. Or else, your lives will all be put to danger. This type of sign talks all about the actions that you can’t do while you are staying in the area.

Corflute signs grow enormously over the past years. This budget friendly solution is perfect for construction sites, building, electrical, automotive and estate industry. It can also come in any shape or sizes. If you are worrying what if someone accidentally bumped into it? The Corflute signs were composed of strong materials that it is impossible to tear. We provide high print quality that is eye- catching and appealing. Just give us the design of your own choice. If you don’t have any ideas on what to put on your banner, you’ve come to the right place as we offer graphic designs as well. Switch now to a friendly budget solution and keep your construction site always in order.

Supply us Artwork for Photo ID Cards

There is no doubt Name Tags and Badges is your first choice for your card requirements. Our team of experienced professional photo id cards designer are fully dedicated in making each of your cards presentable. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with the ID card before it gets printed.

If you have any artwork in mind for your photo ID cards then we would welcome that. You are more than welcome to send that to us and we will gladly put it on the card. If you want your company logo to be put in it then we would be more than happy to put it there. There is no doubt your picture will be there but if you want your name placed at the bottom then we would have no problem with that. We would also make suggestions on how it can be improved. Of course, the final decision is still yours.

Durability Guaranteed

At Name Tags and Badges, we print directly to the plastic card product because we want to avoid the photo ID cards cracking. We also realise the ID cards won’t peel if we do that. Every penny you spend in purchasing our products will be worth it because you are going to get durable ID cards. We are aware nobody wants to deal with a product that would wear out after it gets used for a couple of weeks.

Lanyard Options

We offer a range of lanyard options for your photo ID cards. We are aware it is an important part of the ID card and we are consistent in delivering high quality in each part of the product. These lanyards will be useful for staff wearing them because venue heads will be able to let them in the restricted premises immediately.

Get the Edge

Our photo ID cards will let your company get the professional edge over your competitors. With so many companies offering the same products or services like yours, you need to do something to be on top. One way to do that would be to avail of our premium ID cards. We guarantee you won’t regret it as the entire process is very easy. It would definitely be a great feeling to be ahead of the rest of the pack. Our products will assure you that not only will you be ahead of them but you will stay ahead for a very long time.