How To Bring Back The Lustre Of Your Timber Flooring

Since time immemorial, many people prefer to use hardwood or timber as flooring. The classy and sophisticated appeal has survived throughout the ages. Perhaps because of historical or even perhaps evolutionary reasons, (our ancestors often use wood as the material for houses), timber flooring exudes a natural appeal that has not been able to replace by other flooring materials.

Aside from its attractive natural look, timber floors are more hygienic than other flooring types such as carpets and linoleum. But just like any material, timber are not free from the ageing process. Many old houses might have sections with damaged wooden floor panels. It has often sustained innumerable damages from years of use (and abuse). Despite adding extra protection and constant sweeping and mopping, time will come that your wooden floors will lose its showroom shine. Let’s face the hard fact, you need timber floor polishing from time to time.

Waxing floors is a boring task for many. Even with the invention of electric floor polishers, many houses with wood flooring are still poorly maintained. Applying chemicals for floor polishing is not a pleasing job for most people. As a result, the wooden floors old houses are often left unpolished.

Bring back lustre

Before you decide to replace your wood flooring, you may try to give your wooden floor a makeover using timber floor polishing techniques. Here are two of the most used methods to return the brilliance (literally) of your flooring:

Recoating – Coating old wood panels with polyurethane, shellac or varnish is a quick and easy way to see the lustre of your wooden floors again. But the varnish takes time to dry. It also releases an unpleasant and harmful smell that can last for days. Moreover, there are instances when old wooden flooring, especially those installed on or before the 1970s that are resistant to new coating brands.

Sanding – This more popular timber floor polishing technique uses sandpaper and floor sanding machines to remove the worn-out surface of the wood. This process smooths the wood, making it look new again. You can now apply wax or apply other kinds of finishes to maintain its lustre. Some floor sanding companies use solvent based polyurethane, water based polyurethane or oil to treat the freshly sanded and polished wood panels.

Instead of replacing your flooring, why not check timber floor polishing Melbourne to give it a brand new look?