Bouncing Castle Hire Safety Tips

A bouncing castle hire is one of the best things to have at a kid’s birthday party. It’s big, inflatable and bouncy. It also develops children’s physical strength, improves their socialising skills and gives them fun childhood memories.

Here are safety tips when renting a jumping castle:

  • Limit the access

It’s never safe letting the big ones play with toddlers. To prevent kids from hurting one another, limit the access according to age. For the first part, you can let the little ones, ageing from 2 to 5, play first; then let the bigger ones play later.

  • There must always be an adult present

No matter where kids are and what they do, they must always be supervised. Make sure there are at least two adults watching the kids. So that in case an accident occurs, one can come to the injured child’s aid while the other instructs the kids to safely exit from the inflatable playground.

  • Remove any safety hazard

Before allowing to play inside one, make sure they remove anything that could become a safety hazard while they’re playing such as shoes, glasses and jewellery.

When kids step on another kid’s feet with their shoes on, it’s painful. Meanwhile, socks can cause kids to slip whilst jewellery can result in injuries or choking.

  • Set rules for safe play

As an adult, it is your responsibility to set ground rules for a safer play. Remind the kids, especially boys, to avoid tumbling, wrestling and attempting other physical stunts inside. You should also instruct them to play in the middle and avoid blocking the entrance and exit of the jumping castle.

  • Closely check the product and the weather

First, check if the jumping castle is in excellent condition during the entire playing session. If you notice that it starts losing air, you should notify the person in charge of the rental as it’ll only be a matter of time before the jumping castle deflates.

Pay close attention to the weather too. Strong winds can cause the jumping castle to get imbalanced. Carefully guide the kids as they exit from it.

When it comes to making a memorable party for your kids, always prioritise the children’s safety above all. Visit bouncing castle hire Brisbane and find a safe model for your kid’s party today!