5 Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Privacy

One key to a healthy home is privacy. It is important not to compromise your property and your family’s safety. To help, we listed the tips on how to increase the privacy in your area:


Your pets might not be happy, but a fence can increase the privacy in your home. It can ward off passers-by from prying into your home. You can also prevent neighbours from peeking while you are resting in your patio or having a picnic with your family. Moreover, fences can keep your children and pets inside.

Layered Plantings

Large pots and plants can obscure neighbours’ view.  If you don’t have tall plants but planning to purchase, make sure that you will choose the ones that can grow from 30 to 55 feet high.


If you don’t want to hear any noise coming from your neighbour, then have a fountain in your house. Not only this can make your yard more welcoming and appealing, but the water can also prevent sound in your area, making more you relax. Mosquitoes love to thrive in places that have clean water so, remove and replace this every other day to prevent diseases in your home.

Retaining Walls

Aside from keeping your soil in place and preventing flooding in your yard, retaining walls can also increase the privacy and security in your place. Moreover, this can also give you space for plants bedding. Just make sure that you won’t install these yourself to prevent any damage.

Basswood Shutters

Enjoy your personal space by having basswood shutters in your house. With these, you can now make your home safer for everyone. In addition, installing these in your place can improve your windows aesthetic. Visit Belle Blinds & Shutters for your basswood shutters needs.